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Announcing the craziest thing I’ve ever announced.

Hey friends, I just toured a show that I care very deeply about and then I performed for six weeks off-Broadway. It’s called THE NEW ONE. And THEN the best possible outcome occurred. Which is that audiences really got into it, reviews were great (Don’t read them! No Spoilers!) and now a hotshot producer who did […]

Announcing my limited The Old Ones podcast!

Hey friends, Mike Birbiglia here. To celebrate my new tour THE NEW ONE I created my own five episode limited podcast called The Old Ones where I discuss my old albums with some old friends. I was lucky enough to wrangle John Mulaney, Pete Holmes, Judd Apatow, Ira Glass, my wife Jenny, and my brother […]

Mike Birbiglia announces 25 city tour with topless selfie!

Hello friends, Today I’m announcing a new tour. It’s called “The New One,” and I’m bringing it to 25 cities this summer and fall. Tickets just went on sale at, so you can get the best ones today. I want to thank you for sticking with me for all these years. Because of you […]

Announcing Some “Working It Out” Club Shows

Hey friends, This weekend I film “Thank God For Jokes” in Brooklyn for Netflix. (a few tix avail!) It’s been an amazing run. Literally 100 cities (figuratively, “MILLIONS of cities”). So, THANK YOU. Anyway, good news. New hour of comedy to work out. I’ve never been more excited about standup in my whole career. I […]

An invitation for you to my new comedy special.

Dear friends, First of all, THANK YOU for supporting my film “Don’t Think Twice.” We are, believe it or not, still playing in 50 theater nationwide after 11 weeks. So thank you. Second, GREAT NEWS: I am filming a comedy special for Netflix of the show you may have seen in NYC on on its […]

Announcing My Final “Thank God for Jokes” Shows for 2016

Dear friends, I want to let you know that I’m taking my off-Broadway show, “Thank God for Jokes,” to 14 final cities, including London, which I’ve heard is in an entirely different country. This show is a blast to perform, and this could be the last chance you have to see it live. Either I […]

“Don’t Think Twice” opening in Indy, St. Louis, San Diego, Atlanta, Milwaukee, and more!!

  Hey guys, Thanks so much for all of the tremendous support of Don’t Think Twice. I so appreciate your emails and twitter and Facebook responses (I re-read them for 13 hours a day). The movie is truly a labor of love for all of us and I can’t tell you how much we appreciate […]

“Don’t Think Twice” Expands to 60 Theaters

Hey friends, So those of you in NYC, Chicago, and Los Angeles really came through. Like in such an insane way. Our first weekend in NYC was packed- 28 Q & As. And Chicago and LA were the same way. Just tons of people. So now that it seems like people like the movie (I […]

I’m in California and Ira Glass is in Chicago with our new movie. Don’t miss this.

Guys, This past weekend my movie Don’t Think Twice came out in NYC and a ton of people came out. The reviews have been very generous, and I’m kind of just on cloud 9 since I’ve spent 3 years making this movie and it’s been a huge labor of love. So THANK YOU. “Will it […]

A few words about my new movie, PLUS NYC, Denver, Seattle, Portland & Los Angeles

Hey guys,Great news.  I’m traveling the country with my new movie Don’t Think Twice and adding more live Q&A’s in NYC, Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, Denver (All listed below.) Or check out all the cities here. Get tickets fast because they sell out quick. They’re all just movie ticket prices – so for like, 9 […]