My 2014 Tour Heads to Newport, Cape Cod, & Hampton Beach!

I’ve just completed week six of the Thank God for Jokes tour and am heading into Week, wait for it…SEVEN.

It’s been super fun and I want to thank everyone for coming out in Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Utah, North Dakota and all those other states. It’s by far the most people who have ever come out to one of my tours and it has been, dare I say it, the funniest show I’ve ever toured with. These reviewers think so here and here. but don’t read those if you don’t want any jokes spoiled for you.


This week I’ve got a tour bus and a Joe Bags and I’m heading to Columbus, where I recorded the My Secret Public Journal Live! album, Pittsburgh, where I recently filmed The Fault In Our Stars, Troy, which is near Albany and I’ve heard has an amazing Music Hall, and Wilmington, Delaware, with its amazing Grand Opera House.

And there’s more to come after that, so check out out all of my upcoming cities.

Take note, HOUSTON.

Remember how I haven’t visited in 6 years and you always complain about it on Facebook? Well, I’m coming. 

How about you, CHARLESTON?

You think you’re so cool? You are. I’m coming by to soak it up.


You think you’re smarter than me because you have A COLLEGE? Maybe you are. But I’m coming there regardless.

And don’t get me started on Mesa, AZ, Las Vegas, New Orleans, and Omaha. I plan to take no prisoners with this tour. Nor do I plan to injure anyone or even make anyone feel bad. It’s sort of a feel good, prisoner-less tour.

I hope to see you there, friends. I’ve been writing this newsletter/blog for many years and it’s finally happening. It’s official. I’m going EVERYWHERE.

All my love,