An invitation for you to my new comedy special.

Dear friends,

First of all, THANK YOU for supporting my film “Don’t Think Twice.” We are, believe it or not, still playing in 50 theater nationwide after 11 weeks. So thank you.

Second, GREAT NEWS: I am filming a comedy special for Netflix of the show you may have seen in NYC on on its national tour.

It would help me out tremendously if you:

A. Buy tickets (Fly in! Paint the town! Rent an Air B N B!)

B. Buy tickets for friends as a gift because you ALREADY SAW THE SHOW (Christmas? One of the Jewish holidays I can’t spell? Birthday?) This is only if you already saw the show. Comedy, unlike music, is seen differently the second time. You might not even laugh. That would be terrible, literally my nightmare.

C. Forward this email to someone you think is very smart and funny. Not so funny that the person thinks “I am funnier than this show!” But the kind of funny and smart person who enjoys comedy. I’m like that. You’re like that. You get what I mean.

Either way, thanks for your support and I hope to have a new show and movie for you very soon.



Live Taping of Mike Birbiglia’s “Thank God for Jokes”
November 4th and 5th, 7PM & 10:30PM

BAM Harvey Theater (NOT the opera house!)
651 Fulton St
Brooklyn, NY 11217

Get Tickets Now!