I’m Heading to Boston to Take Some Cuts.

Hey Everybody! 

I have huge news that comes in two convenient parts. It’s like a Kit Kat bar of useful information (this analogy will not carry through). First, tickets have just gone on sale for my shows in New Orleans, Baltimore, Norfolk, Charlottesville, and Richmond!!

In other news, I have achieved a life-long dream. With the help of the talented people over at Blue Collar Press, I now have my own baseball card! It’s just like the real thing, except it’s much larger and therefore more impressive (take that, Roger Clemens).


Sorry I am not in mint condition!

Joe Bags will be selling these poster-sized baseball cards at my shows in Boston next weekend. If you don’t live in Boston but still enjoy novelty baseball cards, you can pre-order a hand-screened print here.

See you out there, kids! So far it’s been a blast. Let’s keep it going?


April 4th – Baltimore, MD
April 5th – Charlottesville, VA
April 18th – New Orleans 
May 29th – Norfolk, VA
May 30th – Richmond, VA