DC, Florida and California. Get Ready for Flovember!

Dear friends in DC, Florida, and California,

I’ve got three big tour legs left on my 2014 Thank God for Jokes Tour – Washington, DC, Florida and California. It’s been an absolute blast so far. THANK YOU to everyone who has come out to the shows and in honor of these five upcoming Florida shows I’ve decided to rename this month “Flovember.”  You don’t have to, I think it’s gonna be a thing. I checked with Obama and he hasn’t returned my email. Flovember it is!

Joe Bags has graciously offered to join me for Flovember and Gatorland’s biggest advocate, Chris Gethard, will be opening all of my Flovember shows. For his part, Joe Bags will be selling (and eating) raw hot dogs in the lobby that you can throw at Chris while he’s onstage, but you’ll need to sign a release.

Flovember kicks off with a show in Orlando at the Hard Rock Live. From Orlando I’m heading down to West Palm Beach, where Joe Bags plans to look at timeshares in exchange for a voucher good at any area restaurant. From there Flovember moves on to Miami, where Joe Bags has proposed we wear aqua pants and rent a purple Lamborghini. Apparently he has a Groupon, so we can’t not do it. On Friday, Flovember 21st I’ll be performing in St. Petersburg, home of the Tampa Bay Rays (and also my Aunt Ann). I’ve invited the entire Rays organization to the show, so if you’re a Rays fan, it might be a great opportunity to meet all of the players. According to Joe Bags I am legally allowed to say this because I used the word “might.” That said, my Aunt Ann will definitely be there. Saturday, Flovember 22nd it all happens in Jacksonville.  After the show we’re all going to head over to the Catty Shack to feed tigers in the moonlight.

So come on out to a show, Florida, I’ll be signing tour prints, CDs, books and/or babies after every one. But wait, who still owns CDs?! You’re about to. See you out there, friends. And thanks for being a part of this insane tour.