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Bring on the Wintry Mix. On to Madison, Milwaukee, and Grand Rapids!

Dear Journal, This week I returned to New York after 5 weeks on the road. Last weekend I played the Wilbur Theatre in my hometown of Boston, which was thrilling, though, for a moment, uncertain. There was a blizzard and the governor asked people to stay off of the road, except in the event of […]

BOSTON: Saturday Shows Still ON! Make-Up Date Also Coming…

Friends in New England, We seem to have a little storm going on. Nevertheless, the shows will go on tonight. If you are unable to attend due to inclement weather and unsafe driving conditions, there will be a make-up show announced soon, so nobody misses out.  Thanks! -Mike Tweet

I’m Heading to Boston to Take Some Cuts.

Hey Everybody!  I have huge news that comes in two convenient parts. It’s like a Kit Kat bar of useful information (this analogy will not carry through). First, tickets have just gone on sale for my shows in New Orleans, Baltimore, Norfolk, Charlottesville, and Richmond!! In other news, I have achieved a life-long dream. With […]

Birbiglia escapes Michigan. Last seen in Salt Lake City!

Dear Journal, I just finished up the first week of my 100-city tour and I’m feeling pretty great. A lot of people thought I was crazy to tour Michigan in January, including my wife, parents, and strangers, but I knew it was the smart thing to do. Fortunately my brother Joe rented us a giant […]

A sincere thanks to you guys for an amazing 2013.

Dear friends, It’s been quite a year. I performed My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend in 20 cities across America and Australia, including a finale show at Carnegie Hall. Then I filmed the show in Seattle and released it on Netflix, iTunes, and Whoa. That’s a lot of stuff. And I literally couldn’t have done it without you guys. What I do is […]

A quick note about my new comedy album released today

  Hey friends, Just a quick note about my new comedy special and album, “My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend.” They’re out today on Amazon and iTunes or you can order a signed copy on And I’m really proud of it. Truly. And I feel like you guys are a part of it. I performed the show […]

Announcing My 2014 Tour of America!

Hey friends across America, I am going out on tour in 2014 and I’m trying to go EVERYWHERE. That’s right, Fargo. No more tour announcements that leave you out. What’s that, Eugene, Oregon? Yes, you’re on the list too. Why the long face, Long Island? You’re on the list too! (Oh, sorry. You actually have […]

Working It Out in Nashville

Hey friends, Wanted to give you the heads up that this fall I’ll be doing a few club dates to put the finishing touches on my show for my 2014 theater tour. I love comedy clubs and these club weeks will be some of the coolest shows I do, honestly. You‘ll see new stories and […]

See My Carnegie Hall Finale this Sunday, June 2nd

Hey friends, It’s just 5 days until I perform “My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend” for the final time at Carnegie Hall. Over the past 3 years I’ve obsessively written and rewritten this material to the point where, even if you saw the off-Broadway show in NYC, it’s actually quite different. It feels cathartic to let go of all of […]

London & Sleepwalk With Me $5 International Download

Hello from London! I’m having a great time here at the Sundance London festival, where we’re holding the European premiere of “Sleepwalk With Me.” Beginning Sunday, April 28th, the film will be available for international download for just $5. That’s everywhere in the world except North America and Australia. So step right up, Japanese people, […]