Announcing the craziest thing I’ve ever announced.

Hey friends,

I just toured a show that I care very deeply about and then I performed for six weeks off-Broadway. It’s called THE NEW ONE.

And THEN the best possible outcome occurred.

Which is that audiences really got into it, reviews were great (Don’t read them! No Spoilers!) and now a hotshot producer who did “In the Heights,” “Avenue Q” and “Rent” is bringing it to Broadway.

Wait, what?

Mike Birbiglia?

On Broadway?

Yes. And yes. Both of those things at the same time. I’m surprised too. I’m not sure I can even grasp it. But THANK YOU. My only concern is that tickets for Broadway shows are insanely expensive. So I’m dropping you a line today with a very specific proposition. I asked my producer Kevin who has been wildly supportive and cool what is the LEAST AMOUNT that we can offer tickets for my fans.

He said we could have tickets starting at $69.

So click on this special offer link to get tickets and then maybe share this note with people you like because those are probably people who might like this too. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting me all these years. Sometimes dreams come true and sometimes you jump through a window because you’re so anxious and then 15 years later your dream comes true and it’s sort of unrelated.

Thanks for the laughs. Here’s to many more.