A sincere thanks to you guys for an amazing 2013.

Dear friends,

It’s been quite a year.

I performed My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend in 20 cities across America and Australia, including a finale show at Carnegie Hall. Then I filmed the show in Seattle and released it on NetflixiTunes, and birbigshirts.com.

Whoa. That’s a lot of stuff. And I literally couldn’t have done it without you guys. What I do is extremely specific and I really put my heart into it, but it’s what you guys give back to me that gives me the energy to keep doing it. And also gives me the energy to write a NEW show and perform it in, wait for it, 100 cities. (Stay tuned.)

But I want to take a moment to ESPECIALLY thank everyone who came out to my shows in THESE cities in 2013:

Burlington, VT
Coral Springs, FL
Los Angeles
New York City
Tampa, FL
Washington, DC
Worcester, MA

You guys have really made me feel welcome in these fine cities, and I want you to know that I am donating to food banks and/or social services in each of them.

If you’d like to join me in a year-end donation and receive one of my last 100 signed holiday cards, just donate $10 or more online to ANY CHARITY and forward the email receipt to HolidayCard@birbigs.com. I’ll send those cards out this week.

ALSO, if your charitable organization is interested in getting a pair of tickets to auction or raffle off for one of my upcoming 2014 shows, drop me and Joe Bags a line at ticketdonation@birbigs.com and we’ll try our best to make it work. I’ve set my  artist comps aside for this in every tour city.

It’s an ALL NEW SHOW for 2014. I’ll meet you there. Thank God for jokes.


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