A quick note about my new comedy album released today


Hey friends,

Just a quick note about my new comedy special and album, “My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend.”

They’re out today on Amazon and iTunes or you can order a signed copy on Birbigshirts.com.

And I’m really proud of it. Truly. And I feel like you guys are a part of it. I performed the show 81 times off-Broadway, in 70 cities across America, then took it to Australia, Canada, and London. And for four years I honed this special into what it is today based on what was in my heart and what you guys were responding to. I wanted to make a special that was human and emotional and not just based on cultural references or cheap laughs. And you guys helped me with that by coming out to the shows and sharing the experience with me as it formed into what it became.

So thank you.

I’m releasing it today into the universe and all I can do is let it go. I really hope you’ll buy it. I hope you’ll tell your friends about it if you like it. And I hope you’ll write a review on Amazon or iTunes and add it to your playlists. So much of what I’ve been able to create is based on you guys supporting it and continuing to support it. I’m so grateful. Thanks, guys.


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